Sunday, 4 October 2015

Not all bags need to be Designer!

For the longest time I have been for lack of a better word, a brand name whore when it comes to handbags. I bought Chanel and Louis Vuitton and on the lesser end of the high end designer spectrum Coach and Michael Kors. I always had this feeling that my bags needed to be designer. It needed to have a label, a name attached to it. It is only this year that I have come to realize that bags can be excellent quality without having a designer name.

I have been thrifting as a hobby for a few years and have come across many bags and purses that I liked but either gave away or resold because it was not designer. With my new found acceptance my eyes and mind have now opened up to a vast array of beautiful bags.

This bag is Maxx New York. Purchased at a second hand consignment store for $18 plus tax. The leather is beautiful and distressed. The colour gives any outfit a pop of colour. The quality is substantial and made very well. The dual handles allow for versatility when carrying the bag. Three separate compartments allow for optimal organization. 

The inside of the bag is a beautiful leopard print. If the colour was not enough to give your outfit a pop of colour the inside adds a contrast to the solid exterior. 

The bag is versatile to be used everyday. It is fashionable and functional at the same time. It keeps you stylish and organized. A multi purpose bag for the every day woman! 

Thursday, 23 May 2013


I have not update this blog in almost two years (wow time flies by) I saw a tag about movies on
YouTube and thought I would post it here for now before I do the video.

fave movie of all time: the devil wears prada/shawshank redemption

fave scene from movie: the part where she calls anne hathaway fat (she's a size 6)

fave actress/actor: rachel mcadams and colin ferrel/will smith

fave director: steven spielberg/james cameron

guilty pleasure: sex and the city movies

fave tear jerker: the notebook

movie u love that everyone hates: sex and the city

movie that everyone loves and you hate: zero dark thirty (so boring)

favourite movie duo: rachel mcadams and ryan goseling

favourite animated film: the little mermaid

celeb crush: colin ferrel justin timberlake

favorite villain: ursula

movie that surprised you: hotel transylvania

fave superhero movie: green lantern

movie you would recommend: high tension

most shocking movie you ever watched: a serbian film (nothing ever shocks me but this movie was shocking as hell)

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Thoughts of an Ex Youtuber

I was a regular part of the Beauty Guru YouTube community as msfililocalola and msfili and it was effing brutal... BRUTAL!

They called me every name in the book, stalked me, got my info and opened hater websites... It literally made me sick in the stomach...

It got to the point where making videos wasn't fun anymore. And coming from a hybrid beauty/comedy channel it was hard to make people laugh and keep them entertained when my heart wasn't in it anymore.

On the flip side I got the people who loved watching me who supported me and loved the material I put out for them.

And even thru all the hater bullshit I would get that one or two great comments or messages from someone saying how much they like my videos and channel... and somehow it made it all worthwhile.

But then the process repeats itself and it just becomes repetitious and redundant and you just eventually stop making vids.

I know for sure I will be back. But I don't want to half ass it. I want it to be good and quality material. It's my outlet. As a little kid I always dreamed of being a famous Movie star. That ship has long sailed. And YouTube allows me to find, get and build an audience and satisfy my inner Movie star. So see you soon :)

Monday, 3 October 2011

Making Friends on YouTube

*I won't be mentioning specific names of people good or bad just to respect their privacy but if you have been a long time follower or subscriber of mine or if the story is about you, you probably will know what's what :)

I have been a YouTube user since early 2006 and have been a YouTuber since July 2008. Since then I have met, interacted and made friends with some great people and some down right ugly ones too. In the beginning, as most people I was naive. I remember back in 2008 I had met this girl during a contest I entered and placed 3rd overall. She liked my tutorial and from there we had become interactive on a daily basis. She had told me she was "down on her luck" and because I had more to give at the time I felt I wanted to share with my new found friend. I ended up sending her a bunch of high end makeup and low and behold to make a long story short she disappears. It's as if she befriended me just to get some free shit?

Another time I had someone who always commented on my videos and that's how we started out getting to know each other. She then started to make her own videos. After a few months she decided to hold a contest and as generous as I am (yet again) I decided to sponsor her contest and send her some high end makeup. She claims it never arrived and a few weeks later she closes her channel and disappears (what a coincidence) Also the fact all the other prizes in her contest were lower end brands.

Then we have the high school scenario. Back when I had just started out making videos another YouTuber had just started making videos as well and we met through a common subscription. We quickly became friends and again interacted daily, sent her stuff in the mail (shame on me for letting it happen a third time) and as her videos became more popular and as she started to get into the "cool and most subscribed" people on YouTube she slowly decided not to talk to me anymore. "Sorry I have been busy" yet she had time to interact with other popular YouTuber's (It's called recent activity duh!). It's like the more popular she got, the more she decided to leave the unpopular folks behind and she decided to jump ship and hang with the cool crowd. (Don't feel sorry for me though I told the bitch off)

I had someone on Twitter just ream me out. She said "I used to be a fan but then..." And let's get one thing straight... I never consider anyone who watches me A FAN. I don't do anything that is fan worthy so until I do people who watch me are either subscriber's, viewer's or online friends/acquaintances.  I basically did something or said something to piss her off and being the Taurus I am I told her "Don't like me don't watch plain and simple" apparently this was enough for her to garner opening a fake Twitter and messaging everyone I was following and spreading rumors about me (Some "FAN" huh lol)

People online are crazy that way! You have the people who want to be your friend but have an ulterior motive. You have the ones who want to send you things because they feel they will be more connected to you or with the hopes of mentioning them in your video SHOUT OUT (hence why I have stopped accepting free shit from people NOT my friends) You have the people subscribed to you just to dislike your videos. The ones who nitpick at everything even when you have an annotation and or a "more info" explanation.

I guess those are the four incidents that stick out the most (and a few others I care not to discuss since those incidents have been mended) but with the few bad apples I have made some really great relationships with people. I went to NYC in 2010 and met two YouTubers that were awesome and cool (I hope to see them again on my next visit next year) I met another YouTuber who I basically share everything else, kind of like the BFF I never met (we have our ups and our downs and even manage to fight like real friends do even though she's on the other side of the border. I've managed to see people grow from a preteen to classy, posh and mature. I've seen relationships form. I've witnessed people who used to just comment on my videos and evolve into full fledged Beauty Gurus. I've pretty much seen it all in the almost 4 years I have been making videos. It's an exciting world this YouTube thing.

What I do know is now I'm aware. I don't jump into things so fast. I have to always be cautious and have my guard up because let's face it YouTube is not real life! It may be to some who have it going as a full time career but for the majority, we turn the camera off, we log off and we live our real lives. (with some severe hater's they're going to want to make it your real life and drag any info they can get about you through the mud and back which I personally don't understand. Do you really hate us that much to warrant this? or do you really hate yourself and your life? because hating on people takes alot of time and from a psychological perspective one can conclude you do this to take up time from your real life cuz it just sucks THAT much) I now take time to know people. People will like you and subscribe to you. They will want to befriend you. But once you do something they're not pleased with they can easily turn into your hater. So just be aware!